As part of making Belfast City Centre great our Enhance projects aim to tackleā€¦

Cleansing Project

Belfast One launched our City Centre cleansing initiative to combat the daily challenges businesses face with waste on their doorstep. Broken glass, fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, dangerous and unsanitary waste are just a few examples of what businesses have to face when they arrive at their premises in the mornings.

The scheme sees local business McQuillan Companies perform a range of professional external cleaning services to City Centre businesses four days a week before premises open. This is over and above the cleansing already offered by Belfast City Council. Most recently we have power-washed locations such as Winecellar Entry, Pottingers Entry and Castle Street as well as graffiti removal.

Street Art

We have recently commenced our latest Enhance project – Street Art. The scheme sees, in partnership with surrounding businesses, open areas and areas that are aesthetically displeasing dressed with bespoke art commissioned and erected. Our first location has been an area of open ground on Gresham Street; why not call round and see our historically themed art piece?


We have a number of projects that actively improve the safety and perceptions of safety in the City;

  • We are now the lead partner and funder of the PSNI City Centre Beat initiative, a dedicated PSNI service for the businesses in Belfast.

Accessible City

Perceptions around City Centre accessibility are a key project for Belfast One. In conjunction with our Promote projects, we are providing clear information to the public on the large variety of methods that can be used to get to the City Centre, as well as highlighting where to park, the cost of each car park and opening hours . We are also supporting a variety of car parking initiatives.