The Promote projects will represent a £2.5 million investment in Belfast over 5 years. Promoting Belfast City Centre to increase the number of people who visit – for business, for retail and for leisure. This was a key area in which businesses in the Belfast One area wished to see investment and improvement.

Branding strategy

Belfast One has created a brand for City Centre in a recognisable and cohesive way so that our visitors know they are within a managed area and can expect high standards, this also enables the Belfast One businesses to promote themselves within a City Centre Collective.

We have also created a managed and up-to-date customer-facing website, complemented by our Facebook page. The website includes events listings, information on getting to Belfast, as well as a blog featuring Belfast One businesses.  If you would like your business to feature on our blog please contact


In year two we will be running and promoting an events calendar to draw people into and around the City Centre. Smaller, more focused and more frequent events will familiarise local visitors with the City Centre, and create a positive, welcoming atmosphere e.g. Sunday in the City. We are also investing in existing events to enhance what we already have and avoid duplication.

Promotional campaigns

Businesses asked us to establish a consistent, year round promotional campaign – conveying the Belfast City Centre message to our target audience, using a variety of media resources. In autumn 2016 we launched our brand with an integrated marketing campaign across offline and online advertising, and will build on this further with our Christmas campaign for the city.

Market research and measuring success

We conduct continuous market research with consumers and businesses across the Belfast One area and use this information to tailor our marketing strategy with the ultimate goal of driving footfall into the City Centre. These reports will be available to Belfast One businesses on a quarterly basis.

We are also in the process of installing footfall cameras in the Belfast One area in order to benchmark footfall into the City Centre and use this data to analyse the impact of our various projects and promotional campaigns.