23rd June 2020

Pavement Cafe Licence Applications Now Available

Hospitality businesses can now apply for a pavement cafe licence through Belfast City Council

Belfast City Council issue licences for pavement cafés in Belfast. In order to aid with the recovery plan for hospitality businesses, Belfast City Council have introduced a temporary process for licence applications and have waivered the application fee.

A pavement café licence authorises a person who operates a business supplying food or drink (in or from premises) to place furniture on a public area for use by customers. This includes cafés, restaurants, pubs, retail outlets providing refreshments, takeaways and supermarkets with a deli counter.

Business operators must ensure they are familiar with government legislation and coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance. They must adhere to all requirements relevant to their workplace, to protect the health and safety of staff and customers.  This includes social distancing advice.

Belfast City Council have published advice on what they will consider appropriate for a pavement café licence. Please visit the Council’s website for further information in relation to this guidance and to access the application form and other paperwork required alongside the pavement café licence.