27th May 2021

Our clean team, McQuillan Companies have been responding to business requests, removing gum on the street and deep cleaning of some areas within the Belfast One area.

Looking ship shape!

The maritime masts on Donegall Place have started to get some special treatment by our Clean Team as they were sensitively cleaned by hand to remove any posters, stickers, tape and stains that had accumulated on them.

Wellington Place

The Clean Team responded to business requests for some focussed cleaning along some shopfronts. The team use a combination of power washing and a specialised scrubber to achieve this and it comes up really well.

Here one minute, gum the next!

Our Clean Team have been out with their magic machinery again, this time removing chewing gum from bus stops and shop frontages on Royal Avenue.

If your business would like the Belfast One clean team to pay attention to a particular area or problem please contact our Operations TeamĀ  janet@belfastone.co.uk.