2nd March 2022

Below are the upcoming free business workshops from Belfast City Council for the month of March:

Auditing your website

9.30am to 11am, Thursday 3 March 2022

Learn how to make the most out of your website and analyse its success.

This free workshop is for all businesses.

During this workshop you will gain insight into how your website is performing and:

  • understand how Google, customers and prospective customers will feel on your website
  • gain hints and tips for search engine optimisation (SEO) to help rank your website on Google
  • learn hints and tips for user journeys to help sales conversions online

Building your networks to win more business

9.30am - 12.30pm, Tuesday 8 March 2022

This workshop will cover different ways in which you can exploit your networks to win new contracts.

The main areas of focus will be:

  • getting to know the key buyers in your industry with a view to sourcing out below-threshold contract opportunities
  • getting to know the key suppliers in your industry with a view to building a team or consortia bid for larger opportunities

This workshop is aimed at SME, Micro Enterprises and Social Enterprises based in the Belfast City Council area and employing fewer than 50 people.

Growing a Digital Business: How to Get Found Online

9.30am to12.30pm, Thursday 10 March 2022

In this session we will cover the core strategies and actions you need to take to be found by clients online.

We will have a brief look at what you need on your website to ensure it performs well, your content strategy, search engine optimisation and search terms, through to promotion techniques to ensure your business has the maximum opportunity to be found. We will have a question and answer session after the presentation. Key areas we will cover include:

  • website optimisation
  • keywords
  • content Strategy
  • promotion
  • social media

This session will be perfect for anyone who is trying to reach clients online but who may be unsure what they need to do to generate more leads and sales. It will not be too technical, but will focus on top level strategy and provide a practical strategy you can start to implement immediately.

Utilising paid advertising for business growth

9.30am - 11am, Thursday 24 March 2022

This free event can help businesses decide on their right time to advertise.

This workshop will give hints, tips and knowledge you need to think about before putting any budget into targeted campaigns.

Using social media for business growth

9.30am to 11am, Thursday 24 March 2022

Learn how to use social media better for your business.

This free workshop will guide businesses through the process on getting their brand outside their current reach.

The online workshop will cover:

  • when to do paid advertising
  • what to expect from a paid advertisement
  • how to run a campaign, and
  • how to get the right content in front of the right people.

This free webinar is for all business-owners whether or not your business already uses social media.