17th December 2019

Established in August 2018 by David Crowe and Kevin Baird, Simply Good Coffee opened its doors on Howard Street, in the heart of the City Centre. The idea was to create a café where the coffee and food was simple, great quality and good value.

We had a quick chat with Kevin Baird, to discuss the trendy cafe, what they have to offer and more!


Q & A with Kevin Baird of Simply Good Coffee

What makes Simply Good Coffee unique?

The quality of the coffee, the quiet oasis of comfort away from the bustle of the street, the friendly staff and the £1 filter coffee all day every day.

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

The croissants – they are baked on site every morning and the smell fills our office! It’s almost impossible to resist and they are really good - especially the almond ones!

What is a typical day for you in your business?

We pride ourselves on good systems to help the team ensure everything runs smoothly however it’s amazing how different every day is. We are driven by our customers and like to go the extra mile if we can (ask the team to change the music, turn the heat up or down, make things just the way you like them).

What’s next for Simply Good Coffee?

We started with a very simple food range. Now we are well established we will be adding to our menu with more simple tasty items such as a chunky bacon breakfast bap, eggs & avocado toast and many other favourites. With so many fabulous restaurants around us we don’t want to reproduce what they can do brilliantly, we are simply responding to our customers who have asked for more.

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