10th January 2017

Our Belfast One ambassadors have recently taken to the streets of the City Centre and will enhance and improve the visitor experience right in the heart of the city. In a few short weeks the team has given a warm welcome to 12,000 visitors over the busy festive shopping period!

The ambassador scheme is a partnership between Belfast One and the Welcome People, who already operate in 21 other cities and towns across the UK, and the partnership with Belfast One is their first venture in Northern Ireland. The team of four ambassadors, Sarah, Curtis, Jim and Shanda, will provide a warm welcome to visitors, workers and residents in the city centre and offer help and advice about Belfast and what’s on offer, as well as a direct contact for local businesses. In the run up to Christmas they also spread festive cheer across the city centre by handing out free Belfast One bags to shoppers.

Since taking to the streets in mid-November the ambassadors have already greeted 12,000 visitors in the latest initiative from Belfast One aimed at enhancing everyone’s experience of the city, as well as the amount of time they spend there.

The team are knowledgeable and fun, and can guide people to the top spots for shopping, eating, socialising or just where to hang out to enjoy the city’s legendary craic.

If you spot the ambassadors out and about please do stop and say hello!