2nd September 2016

Since opening in 2007 Boojum has fast become one of Belfast’s most popular eateries, with 7 stores across Ireland and a loyal following of Boojum Addicts. We caught up with co-owner Andrew Maxwell to find out what’s next for Boojum and what makes Belfast a great city.

Q & A with Andrew Maxwell of Boojum Chichester Street

What do you love about running a business in Belfast?

Belfast customers are very loyal and we’ve seen that build over the last number of years as we’ve expanded. We’ve built the core of our business around customer service and food quality – our concept may be Mexican but all our ingredients are locally sourced and of the highest quality.
Belfast also now has such a vibrant food scene that’s emerged over the last number of years, which is great to see. There are far more restaurants and concepts than ever before and David and I see this as a benefit rather than competition. Everyone feeds off each other creating a better all quality of food and more choice throughout the city.

What’s your typical weekend day out in Belfast?

I enjoy going to California Coffee on Ann Street to grab a coffee and then have a dander around the city centre and the grounds of City Hall, before heading to Victoria Square to do some shopping. Ted Baker is my go to brand but I also like to support independent businesses. For a special occasion Suitor Bros menswear is hard to beat for a personalised service, and it’s always nice to see an old schoolmate doing well!

For eating out I am an advocate for local chefs who have gone out on their own and started up their own restaurants, of which Belfast has lots of. Howard Street and Made in Belfast are two of my top choices lunch and dinner in the city centre as they offer menus packed with local produce in lovely surroundings.

What’s your burrito of choice?

It would have to be chicken and chorizo, spicy salsa with Mexican rice. Though the great thing about Boojum is that there is so much choice – you can eat here seven days a week and have a different meal every time.

What’s next for Boojum?

We have a focus on maintaining what we’re currently doing in our seven restaurants and continuing to provide our loyal Boojum followers with top quality food and service.

As Belfast grows we want to grow with it and with the opening of the University of Ulster campus there is the potential for us to expand into that side of the city. We’ve also recently bought our first food truck that we’ll be taking to festivals and events that will hope will be an exciting new market for us.