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23rd January 2020, 4.00pm - 8.30pm

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Join us for an insightful ASD Focused Workshop

About this Event

Gain Real Life Experience of Autism, Sensory & Additional Needs.

Understand How & Why of Helpful Techniques

Learn Effective Strategies & Tools.

Leave Feeling Empowered!

Who Should attend the Training?


Youth WorkersEarly Years Professionals

Who delivers the ASD Training?

The training is delivered by Andy, a Learning Space team-member and ASD expert. With 14 years experience, Andy has a wealth of experience delivering ASD training, helping families and training current ASD professionals..

Andy: “I have a plethora of knowledge through experience and course such as ‘Advocate for ASD individuals’ and ‘Managing Challenging Behaviours’. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and 3 children with ASD. My drive is to help children feel valued and empowered. Creating Specialist training alongside the expertise and knowledge from Learning SPACE enables us to make a bigger impact together.”

What have attendees said about the training?

“Thanks to Andy, I’ve learnt to get into the mind of my son and why he does the things he does”

Denise Henderson, Parent.

“Brilliant, personal presentation with a lot of information. Would love to hear it again”

Primary Teacher, St. Michael’s Belfast.

Cost: £15

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