About O’Briens

Always on the lookout to pass on great deals and tasty offers, in every store O'Brien's offer customers a true and honest choice for them to decide what they would like, striving to offer a healthy alternative where good, fresh and local food is always an easy choice to make.

The first O’Brien’s outlet was set-up in Dublin in 1988 by Irish Businessman, Brody Sweeney. He chose the name O’Brien because it was the most common name in the Irish phonebook. There are now almost 300 O’Brien’s outlets around the world including Australia, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Singapore and China.

On top of a local commitment they also love to make compost for the garden! Odd thing to say you might think, but not when you know that in 2011 O'Briens took the step of changing all takeaway coffee cups and lids to a fully biodegradable and compostable source that ensures that  branded rubbish really has the environmental credentials that much bigger brands shout about but don’t really do.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 21:00
Thursday 08:30 - 21:00
Friday 08:30 - 21:00
Saturday 08:30 - 21:00
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

*Opening hours are a guide only, and are subject to change.


Level 1 Victoria Square



Level 1 Victoria Square