What Is Retail Crimewatch?

Within Belfast One, Retail Crimewatch is an information and image sharing exclusion order scheme provided free to retailers between Belfast City Centre Management (BCCM) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) funded by the BID.

This crime reduction initiative allows retailers to serve civil exclusion orders on those found committing retail crime on their premises. Each month members receive new images of individuals who are prolific shoplifters across Northern Ireland. These individuals have been convicted through the courts and are banned from entering the premises of all members. The scheme currently has 400 members. The PSNI also have the ability to securely broadcast messages through the Retail Crimewatch online platform for example counterfeit currency warnings and travelling offender alerts.

The online system distributes images faster and more securely than before. By being able to distribute monthly Retail Crimewatch images electronically, it enables the scheme to adopt more users onto the system from different policing districts, providing more images of offenders and the ability to securely broadcast messages within a live environment from the PSNI.

What Are The Benefits?

The scheme aims to create a network of retailers whose purpose is to share information about retail crime and prolific shoplifters. By becoming a member of the Retail Crimewatch scheme your business will receive monthly image updates. This information can be used to enhance staff vigilance, awareness of known offenders and assist in reducing stock loss within your business. The scheme will also assist in maintaining a safer environment for staff, customers and members of the public alike.

Retail Crimewatch takes a very practical approach in dealing with shoplifting by empowering shop owners to work together. The scheme has also created a strong partnership between BCCM, retailers and the PSNI.

What You Receive

Retail Crimewatch Egress platform (Department of Justice approved file sharing platform) provides businesses with:

  • Up to date high quality images (provided by the PSNI) of all offenders subject to Exclusion Orders
  • Access the system from a members computer, mobile phone and/or tablet
  • Exclusion Orders
  • Updates the PSNI on scams, fraudulent bank notes and crime trends
  • Invites to member only ‘Protect your Business’ events
  • Access to free Safe Shop training from the PSNI
  • Bi-monthly member Newsletters
  • Comprehensive training to Managers and staff
  • Retail Crimewatch logo stickers for display on store windows to alert offenders that the business is a member of the scheme

The Exclusion Order advises the offender that from the date the order is issued, they are no longer permitted to enter your premises nor any other business that is a member of the scheme for a period of 12 months.

Issuing an Exclusion Order will prevent the individual from entering your premises to commit retail crime, therefore reducing the risk of further stock loss. As a member of the Retail Crimewatch scheme you can issue an Exclusion Order to individuals who have been found committing theft, attempting to commit theft or going equipped for theft.

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