Opening Hours for Participating Businesses in the Belfast City Centre Halloween Hunt!


Monday               9:30am–6pm

Tuesday               9:30am–6pm

Wednesday         9:30am–6pm

Thursday             9:30am–8pm

Friday                   9:30am–7pm

Saturday              9:30am–6pm

Sunday                 1–6pm



Monday               9am–6:30pm

Tuesday              9am–6:30pm

Wednesday         9am–7pm

Thursday             9am–9pm

Friday                   9am–7pm

Saturday              9am–6:30pm

Sunday                 1–6pm


Carrolls Irish Gifts (Clue visible at all times)

Monday               10:30am–6pm

Tuesday               10:30am–6pm

Wednesday         10:30am–6pm

Thursday             10:30am–6:30pm

Friday                   10:30am–6:30pm

Saturday              10:30am–6:30pm

Sunday                 10:30am–6:30pm


Matchetts Music (Clue visible at all times)

Monday               9:30am–5:30pm

Tuesday               9:30am–5:30pm

Wednesday         9:30am–5:30pm

Thursday             9:30am–5:30pm

Friday                   9:30am–5:30pm

Saturday              9:30am–5:30pm

Sunday                 Closed



Monday               9am–6pm

Tuesday               9am–6pm

Wednesday        9am–6pm

Thursday             9am–9pm

Friday                   9am–6pm

Saturday              9am–6pm

Sunday                 1–6pm


The Entertainer (Clue visible when CastleCourt is open)

Monday               9am–5:30pm

Tuesday               9am–5:30pm

Wednesday         9am–5:30pm

Thursday             9am–5:30pm

Friday                   9am–5:30pm

Saturday              9am–5:30pm

Sunday                 Closed


F!tPink (Upper Ground Victoria Square)

Monday               9:30am–6pm

Tuesday               9:30am–6pm

Wednesday         9:30am–6pm

Thursday             9:30am–9pm

Friday                   9:30am–9pm

Saturday              10am–6pm

Sunday                 11am–6pm


Fish City (Clue visible from approximately 9am)

Monday               12–9pm

Tuesday               12–9pm

Wednesday         12–9pm

Thursday             12–10pm

Friday                   12–10pm

Saturday              12–10pm

Sunday                 1–8pm



Monday               7:30am–7pm

Tuesday               7:30am–7pm

Wednesday         7:30am–7pm

Thursday             7:30am–9pm

Friday                   7:30am–7pm

Saturday              7:30am–7pm

Sunday                 9am–6pm


Butlers Homeware

Monday               9am – 7pm

Tuesday               9am – 7pm

Wednesday         9am – 7pm

Thursday             9am – 8pm

Friday                   9am – 8pm

Saturday              9am – 7pm

Sunday                 1pm – 6pm