Takamine Guitars are hitting the road in the coming weeks with a series of masterclasses across the UK and Ireland featuring Stuart Ryan, one of the world’s finest fingerstyle guitarists.

As a performer, Stuart has shared the stage with many of the world’s greatest acoustic players from Jon Gomm to Martin Taylor whilst as a composer his music has featured on Channel 4 television and the BBC in addition to many more media outlets around the world. Guitarists know Stuart globally thanks to his regular columns in Guitar Techniques and Guitarist Presents Acoustic magazines

In these exclusive masterclasses for Takamine guitars, award-winning fingerstyle guitarist Stuart Ryan will guide you through approaches to warmups and practise, getting acquainted with altered tunings and DADGAD and building and developing arrangements for solo guitar, as well as some exhilarating performance pieces covering a diverse range of styles from across the globe. Come to these masterclasses with all those burning questions you have about fingerstyle and acoustic guitar!

Courtesy of Takamine, all those who come along will receive a gift pack of goodies including a KORG tuner, Takamine wearables and more!

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