George Lucas is one of the most beloved film makers in history. Beloved for his original Star Wars trilogy and for introducing to the world, one of the greatest stories ever to be told: a sci-fi fantasy set in a sprawling universe with incredible characters and deeply passionate devoted fans.

It was these fans who say that George Lucas “raped their childhoods,” and wish to god, he stopped after Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. This, of course, was due to his prequel trilogy.

Do you agree?

Watch a special screening of the documentary “The People Vs George Lucas,” and then Episode 3, Return of the Sith, followed by a lively debate with special guests as our judge, defense and prosecution.

And you, as the Jury.

Should George Lucas be convicted for crimes against movies? Or is the Star Wars prequel trilogy a misunderstood gem?

The decision is yours.

Includes baskets of wings during the movie.
Tickets for this unique event are £5 and space is limited.
Star Wars theme cosplay to the event is highly encouraged but not necessary.

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