The Craft & Design Collective invites you to view MADE 2017.

Featuring ceramic works by Amy Mackle, Claire Gibson and Victoria Bentham, glass works by Alison Lowry and guest exhibitor Scott Benefield, jewellery/silversmithing works by Egle Banyte, Joanne Gamble and Samantha Moore and textile works by Jennifer Cunningham and Tomomi McElwee.

– MADE is the Craft & Design Collective’s highest profile exhibition of the year.

– The aim of the exhibition is to provide a focal point in the calendar to showcase work of the highest  quality in the land – work that is Marvellous, Amazing, Delightful and Exceptional.

– The exhibition is intended to both challenge and inform the public perception of Craft, Applied Art and Design.

MADE is an exhibition of Craft, Applied Art and Design open to Artist/Designer/Makers working in Craft Disciplines recognised by either the Crafts Council (GB) or the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

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