Get involved with Alive After Five!

Belfast One are running a month long advertising campaign to encourage workers to stay in Belfast City Centre after they finish work to shop, eat, drink and be entertained before going home and we want YOU to get involved!

About the campaign

Objective: Increase footfall into the city centre and increase sales for retail and hospitality businesses midweek after 5pm.

Target audience: Young professionals who work in the City Centre and have easy access to the city.

Key messages: The campaign will focus on the reasons why you should stay in Belfast after work:

  • Food and entertainment: The range of fantastic restaurants, live music and
    entertainment on offer.
  • Thursday late night shopping: The fantastic range of shops – from independents to big brands that you can’t get anywhere else in NI.
  • Timing: Skip rush hour and spend an extra hour or two experiencing the city and what it has to offer, then have a quicker journey home.

Promotional channels: Outdoor advertising, online guides, social media, videos, dedicated web page featuring offers and events.


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  • Download our Alive After Five online pack below
  • Use the hashtag #AliveAfterFive on social media
  • Request an campaign window sticker for your business
  • Tell us about your business’ weeknight promotions

Email to submit your offers or find out more information about the campaign